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  • Jade Lee

Christmas in April

It's April now and we still have the Christmas tree up. Last year just before the Holiday season, my father was diagnosed with cancer and he went through surgery. He was in a pretty bad condition. We talked about how this could be his last time he would be able to enjoy the Christmas tree, so this year he wanted to keep it up a little longer. During the past few months my father was on a road to recovery and now it's April and I'm happy to say that just recently he is looking and feeling so much better. Over the past few months, my father changed his lifestyle and was trying to heal himself too, and it seems like something is really working. We were worried about his cancer spreading more, but after we all put in a lot of effort, amazingly, he feels that instead of spreading, the cancer is going away. Now it looks like he can enjoy the Christmas tree again at the end of this year. I'm so thankful that he is doing better and I hope that he continues to make progress and heal.

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